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VSMUN's mission is to cultivate and espouse global mindedness among Victorians and provide them with a platform to hold collective, solution-oriented and intellectual discussions about important social, economic and geographical issues in the world by instilling a life-long passion for learning and improving our global community in Victorians, who will no doubt become the next generation of leaders and innovators in the world.


VSMUN will simulate the councils of the United Nations, and each delegate will particiapte in discussing a issue specicic to each council. There are 5 councils:

General Assembly, Security Council, Human Rights Council, World Health Organisation and SPECPOL.

Latest News

MUN Organizers


Overall Chairman:

Phee Yong Han 


Lim Boon Hai

Protocol In-Charge:

Ryan Ch'ng


Aaditya Patwari

Dhruv Shah


Xavier Wee

Ng Yong Kang

Ethan Lam

Ben Tan

Joshua Goh

Salman bin Sabeer

Elijah Koh

Sherman Tan

Keane Ong

Zack Cheng

Isaac Tan

Bryan Sim

Tan Wei Howe

Ng Ze Xuan


Ms Chua Wai Yi




Created and maintained by Aaditya Patwari & Dhruv Shah

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